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Using the right experts can help a business succeed in the 21st century. The following are consultants that complement Corp21's skillset (listed alphabetically):

  • Pat Adamson, Adamson Consulting, has been President and Chief Technical Officer for four startup companies. He now works as a temporary CEO, intellectual property strategist, product developer, safety mark compliance officer, Chinese manufacturing outsourcer, and EMC (electromagnetic compatibilities / remedies) specialist.
  • George Bigot. Niwot Resource Center. Focused on results, this experienced engineer helps inventors and teams move their product concept through development, prototyping, full-scale manufacturing and distribution in an orderly process that is cost efficient and timely. George is based in Niwot, Colorado.
  • Michael Bilotta. Design and Manufacturing Consulting Service (DAMCS). Michael is an experienced engineer who recently became a patent agent. He provides product development and patent advisory services for entepreneurs. DAMCS is located in San Diego, California.
  • John Boose. Strategic Leadership Group. John is president of a multi-disciplinary group of former senior HP managers who now help companies (from startups to Fortune 500 firms) with business planning and implementation. The Strategic Leadership Group is located in Loveland, Colorado.
  • Dale Breidenbach, Dave Perry and Bill Van Eron. Confluence Communications. Fortune 500 to startups, this innovative, proven team offers full-service agency skills, including market shaping, brand, PR and the full suite of marketing communications. Confluence serves all industries and is in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Mary Callahan and John Farnbach. Silver Streak Partners.. Mary and John help emerging, innovation-driven companies improve their product development processes and organization. John has extensive R&D management experience and Mary is an organizational development counsellor. Silver Streak is located in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Paul Donovan. FedEquity. Paul is a CFO for small and emerging businesses with additional experience in government R&D funded projects. He works with entrepreneurs to raise capital and implements financial and accounting systems. Paul lives in Littleton, Colorado and works with companies on a national and local basis.
  • Joe Gersch is a strategic technology advisor who has previously managed R&D product development for HP OpenView and current travels the world as an independent consultant to present service management concepts to CIOs and IT leadership teams. Joe is based in Loveland, Colorado.
  • John Glycenfer. VirtuTec Consulting. John is an R&D manager with over eighteen years of experience. John provides consulting in organizational development, project management, and engineering management. He also teaches project management and is a certified PMP. VirtuTec is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Steve Gottschalk and Marcia Schmelzle. Entercepts Consulting. Steve is a former sales manager and sales trainer from HP and BEA. Marcia an experienced project manager. Together, they help engineers and enginineering-oriented companies make connections with potential clients. Entercepts is located in Loveland, Colorado.
  • Hill Grimmett. Grimmett & Associates. Hill is a CFO and controller for small and emerging businesses. in high tech, manufacturing, and services. He helps set up and run accounting systems, works with entrepreneurs to raise capital, and assists established companies as a CFO for hire. Hill lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Andy Grolnick. spring!. Andy is a marketing strategist who has held key positions at Quantum, Iomega, HP and two startups. He now provides marketing consulting with a focus on product strategy, product marketing, integrated demand creation campaigns, and strategic partnering. Andy is located in Niwot, Colorado.
  • Jim Haselmaier. Accelerated Insight Consulting. Jim is a seasoned product marketing director. He assists clients with venture capital communications, builds strategic business and product plans, ghost writes articles, creates white papers and customer literature, and presents in industry forums. Jim is located in Fort Collins.
  • Deborah Henken. Highland Team. Deborah is an experienced VP of marketing with expertise in segmentation, positioning, channel strategies, awareness programs, demand creation, and customer retention programs. She is located in Silicon Valley.
  • Paul Hoyt. Hoyt Management Group. Paul uses his broad business background to help small and medium-sized businesses get higher profits by helping with business planning, financial management, sales, marketing, and personal and professional development. He is located in the Denver, Colorado area.
  • Doug Johnson. ubiLink. Doug founded ubiLink after a 30-year high-tech career which ranged from startups to running an internet-based business for CoCreate/HP. He now works with startups and helps large organizations become more entrepreneurial. He is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Bob Kali. RK Business Development. Bob is a former COO and general manager of the finance subsidiary for StorageTek. He now provides financial consulting for startup and emerging businesses. Bob is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Garry Krum. Citadel Advisory Group. Garry has an extensive merger and acquisition business background. He has been involved in high technology deals ranging in value from a few million to half a billion dollars in the US, Japan, Taiwan, China and Europe. He is now located in Fort Collins, Colorado but works on deals wherever needed.
  • Steve Mezak. Accelerance. Steve is an experienced CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for web-based software companies. He has a network of programmers in Russia that he uses to get software projects finished quickly and cost-effectively. Steve is located in Silicon Valley.
  • Rich Mironov. Mironov Consulting. Rich is an experienced product marketing strategist. He writes a newsletter to which you can subscribe. His site contains many product marketing tools that you can download. Rich is located in Silicon Valley.
  • Stephanie Olsen. Yellow Baron Graphics. Stephanie is a business identity specialist. Areas of expertise include both print media (brochures, business stationery, direct mail, etc) and web media (websites, e-commerce, search engine optimization, etc). Stephanie is located in Loveland, Colorado.
  • Robin Steele. Renaissance Executive Forums. Robin has over 20 years of experience running software businesses, managing R&D organizations, and providing consulting services. She now provides advisory board services to CEOs and business owners. Robin is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Bob Thilmont. Mountain Global. Bob provides Global Business Development and Management Services. He has established and ran sales and support operations in Latin America and Australia. He now has a network of associates familiar with doing business around the world. Bob is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Rick Turley. Dixon Cove Consultants. Rick provides market analysis, strategic product planning, patent/intellectual property, partnership creation/management, product development process, and program execution services for developing companies. Rick is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Philippe Vilarel. REDWOOD International Network, a French company based in Paris, brings value to their clients by raising early-stage funds and developing industry synergy. Redwood supports innovative and valuable enterprises in the IT and Medical Technology segments.
  • Law Office of Wayne Wiemerslage. Wayne is a seasoned Fortune 100 attorney who now has a private practice emphasizing Information Technology contracts, including software licensing and development, hardware purchases, business formation, commercial contracts, and estate planning. He is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Rita Wilhelm. SnapMonkey.com. Rita is an experienced serial entrepreneur who provides small business consulting. She has recently started SnapMonkey.com, an easy-to-use site for creating and managing your own ecommerce web application. Rita is located in Denver, Colorado.
  • Jim Wilkinson. Veritek. Jim brings over 25 years of experience helping companies save money through improved product design, manufacturing processes, and quality. His focus is on practical applications. He has an extensive rapid prototype and intellectual property background. Veritek is located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
  • Scott Wills. Trifocal. Scott has built brands and companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms such as Pepsico. His experience spans the technology and entertainment industries. He founded and sold several firms, co-founded a public company and recently founded a patent incubator. Scott is located in Silicon Valley.


The following are organizations that Corp21 participates in and recommends to others (listed alphabetically):

  • In February 2005, Corp21 participated in DEMO, the premier launch pad for emerging technologies, in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Corp21 is an organizer for the Easy Meal Preparation Association that helps independent meal preparation businesses be more successful by sharing best practices, business templates, and recipes.
  • IBI Colordo and IBI Global help people turn their dreams into viable businesses by providing coaching, support, and a one-week "free enterprise forum".
  • The Northern Colorado High Tech Network brings consultants, entrepreneurs, and political activists in Northern Colorado together to share best practices and work together on economic development.
  • The SD Forum is a networking organization for emerging technology businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area with over twenty events per month based on various technology interest groups.
  • SVASE, which stands for the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs is aonther excellent networking organization for emerging technology businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area with a variety of different events.