About Corp21:
Corp21 was established in 2002 by Bert Vermeulen to help organizations and entrepreneurs become 21st century corporations--nimble and profitable product and service providers in a global marketplace. The projects and patents pages give examples of Corp21's services.


About Bert Vermeulen:
Prior to founding Corp21, Bert Vermeulen worked twenty years for manufacturing and technology companies including:

  • Over eight years (1985 to 1993) with Hewlett Packard in Colorado, England and Russia as a senior manager in the marketing and quality functions for data storage technologies. This included managing the product strategy that generated a $150 million/year DDS tape drive business.
  • Over eight years (1993 to 2002) with Plasco, Inc (a plastic injection molding business, now part of Trend Technologies) as a business partner, vice president and general manager. This included growing the business to $25 million in revenues, operating at world-class profitability, selling the business to a strategic buyer, and working in Colorado, Mexico and Hungary.
  • Shorter professional assignments with Incon (development of electrical connectors in 1981), Datametrics (development of optical shaft encoders in 1981-1983), the Boston Consulting Group (business strategy in 1984), and the US Antarctic Program (electronic science instrumentation in 1999-2000).

Bert's academic background includes a bachelor's and a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering (1981) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Stanford University (1985).

At Colorado State University, Bert has taught the following courses:

  • MECH 202: Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Design (2009-2015)
  • MECH 100: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (2011-2012)
  • ENGR 102: Engineering Problem Solving (2013 to present)
  • ENGR 101: Grand Challenges in Engineering (2016 to present)
  • ENGR 422: Technology Entrepreneurship (2018 to present)

Bert practices the entrepreneurship he teaches, as shown by the Alpaca Bikes and Travel Bike Wheels he designs, patents, and markets through FarFold.com.

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