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Corp21 has been working with the following companies:

MyEstatemanager (Castle Rock, Colorado) provides resources to help plan, prepare for, and manage the loss of a loved one. Corp21 has worked with MyEstateManager since October 2008 by:

  • Providing project and operations management services.
  • Helping with search engine optimization.
  • Recruiting key talent.

The site to the left is an example of a micro site built for search engine optimization.


Asperon® (Palo Alto, California) develops software for quickly creating web applications with real-time interactivity. Corp21 has worked with Asperon® since October 2002 by:

  • Acting as a business advisor to John Kucera, the founder.
  • Refining the marketing plan and key marketing materials.
  • Defining how this "technology" company can become a leader in the emerging web presentation server market.
Cruise Route 66

Corp21 worked with the founders of Cruise Route 66 (Denver, Colorado) to idendify how their ideas could be patented, performed a patent search, and then helped to prepare their patent applications for submission to the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Using technology from Asperon®, Corp21 has created a business selling web tree navigation components under the Surftree™ brand name at Dataroo™.


Horst Dynamics (Englewood, Colorado) has developed and is now marketing a clever automotive side-view extension mirror under the Tow-N-See™ brand. Corp21 has worked with the inventor on this product since November 2002. Key contributions have been:

  • Identifying US and foreign marketing opportunities.
  • Helping the inventor file for a US and international patent.
  • Helping the inventor apply for trademark registration
  • US and international sourcing of mechanical components.
  • Creating and managing the Tow-N-See™ website.

JHB International (Denver, Colorado) is a major distributor and marketer of sewing buttons and has the domain names buttons.com and thimblesource.com. Corp21 is helping JHB:

  • Evolve to using e-marketing to supplement their current catalog-based distribution business.
  • Manage and understand their business processes, inventory, pricing strategy, and cost structure.

Online and Groupware (Chatou, France) has developed a web-based technology called TAPP. Corp21 has helped to introduce this technology in the USA and will be marketing it through Atapad.


Schouenberg and Partners (Tiel, the Netherlands) created CalcMaster®, an accurate and easy-to-use program for calculating plastic mold and part costs. Corp21 markets this product in North America through Selected Technologies.


Selected Services (Vienna, Austria) created pool4tool, an internet application for esourcing, project management and contact management. Corp21 helps Selected Services by:

SnapMonkey eVideoDirectory

SnapMonkey (Denver, Colorado) sells a template-driven website builder. The same owner has recently created eVideoDirectory as a web directory builder. Corp21 has worked with SnapMonkey and eVideoDirectory since early 2004 in the areas of:

  • Technology strategy;
  • Business structure; and
  • Patent and trademark strategy.
Vestatech UAV Flight Pacific Western Technologies

Vesta Technology (Wheat Ridge, Colorado) manufactures and markets single board computers and navigational control systems for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Corp21 has worked with Vesta Technology and its sister company (PWT-IT Solutions) since January 2003 in the areas of:

  • Marketing strategy.
  • Structuring an international joint venture.
What's Cooking

What's Cooking (Fort Collins, Colorado) is an innovative and cost-effective meal preparation company for busy people. Corp21 has worked with What's Cooking since February 2004 by:

  • Advising Lynda Byrnes and Jim Pelichowski, the owners.
  • Helping to implement the financing to expand their business.
Henry Waters & Associates DrOffner ToowoombaCardiology Pine Street Retreat

Websites and web applications. In addition to this website and the Selected Technologies website, Corp21 has developed sites for others. Among the technologies being used and evaluated are JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Java (J2EE).

Incubation phase projects. Corp21 is also working with several other companies on projects that are too early to announce.