The following is a listing of some of the clients that Corp21 has worked with since 2002 and descriptions of projects done for these clients (clients listed in alphabetical order).

Asperon® (Palo Alto, California) developed software for quickly creating web applications with real-time interactivity. Corp21 worked with Asperon® in 2002-2003 by:

Horst Dynamics (Englewood, Colorado) developed and commercialized the Tow-N-See™ mirror and sold this business to Camco Manufacturing and the Horst Miracle Probes and sold this business to Valterra Products. They are now commercializing the Horst Miracle Gauge. Corp21 has worked with John Vander Horst, the inventor/entrepreneur for these products since November 2002. Key contributions include:


JHB International (Denver, Colorado) was a major distributor and marketer of sewing buttons that was founded by Mrs. Jean H. Barr in 1974 and subsequently passed on to her son, Jay Barr. The company owned the domain name and distributed its products through major retailers like JoAnn Fabric and Crafts and Hancock Fabrics. JHB was sold to Blumenthal Lansing in 2014. Corp21 worked with JHB from 2006 to 2012 on the following projects:

MyEstatemanager (Castle Rock, Colorado) developed resources and a website to help plan, prepare for, and manage the loss of a loved one. Corp21 worked with MyEstateManager from 2008 to 2014 by:


Schouenberg and Partners (Tiel, the Netherlands) created CalcMaster®, an accurate and easy-to-use program for calculating plastic mold and part costs. Corp21 helped to sell this product in the USA from 2004 to 2007.

Selected Services (Vienna, Austria) created pool4tool, in 2002 as an internet application for esourcing, project management and contact management. This business has now merged with Jaggaer. Corp21 helped Selected Services in 2002 to 2004 by:


SnapMonkey (Denver, Colorado) was created by Rita Wilhelm, a serial entrepreneur in 2003 to simplify the process for creating small e-commerce websites. Corp21 has worked intermittently with Rita since 2004 on a variety of entrepreneurial projects.

What's Cooking Software (Fort Collins, Colorado) was started as a meal prep business called Meals Made Easy by Lynda Byrnes in 2003. In 2004, Lynda's husband (Jim Pelichowski) wrote the software to run this business. Between 2004 and 2010, Corp21 worked with Lynda, Jim, and other companies in this industry on the following:

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